Australian Auto-Sport Alliance Mission Statement

To create, promote and maintain a professionally administered sport and industry environment ensuring the viability of the professional and recreational auto racing industry for the benefit and enjoyment of all the key stakeholders – the people who participate, the people who watch them participate and the people who provide the infrastructure to enable them to participate.

Why the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance?

The formation of the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance heralded a new approach to the participation in and management, staging and promotion of motor sport in Australia.

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance has been structured to avoid large overheads and its approach is one of being “lean and mean”. It aims to be cost efficient for itself, all its membership categories, its suppliers of goods and services and Australian motor sport in general, while reducing the costs faced by those who participate in Australian motor sport at all levels.

Australian Auto-Sport Alliance in partnership with HDL Insurance Brokers has arranged cost effective insurance, including public and product liability, professional indemnity and personal accident. These insurances are provided by Lloyds of London syndicate associates Marketform (Syndicate 2468) in the UK and QBE Mercantile Mutual in Australia. A copy of HDL’s Financial Services Guide can be found here.

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance is dedicated to the future development of cost effective Australian motor sport. The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance exists to introduce substantial membership benefits to all Australian Auto-Sport Alliance members and to provide an efficient and fair deal to all motorsport stakeholders.

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance is a Member Sanctioning Body of the SFI Foundation, Inc. SFI is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated entirely to motorsport safety.


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