In the world of dangerous sports the chance of litigation can be quite high, therefore it is important to have adequate insurance for your motor sport event or motor sporting facility. The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance can facilitate insurance for just about any type of motor vehicle event, be it circuit activity, off road rally, tarmac rally, motorkhana, driver training, ride days or lap dash events . The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance can facilitate both Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance with reputable insurance underwriters

Why do I need Insurance?

One of the major risks faced by your group is your exposure if someone gets hurt. An organization is liable when it is found to have breached their duty of care by acting improperly or not acting at all. Financial penalties may attach to the liability.

It is prudent to seek out insurance coverage to suit your particular needs as even the most well planned and effective organizations cannot foresee and prevent all accidents and incidents. These situations may leave event organizers, members, directors, and individuals personally liable for actions in cases where negligence can be proven.

Insurance cover is the encompassing component to complement a risk management plan for an event, it’s attendees, staff and event organizers. Potential claims can be minimized by a thorough and rigorous process of assessment and procedures. This includes an honest assessment of the required insurance cover to suit the specific event.

What does public liability insurance cover?

A public liability insurance policy is necessary for an organization to protect itself against negligent claims made by a third party in respect of bodily injury or property damage arising out of the operation of the organization’s business.

Injuries may arise from things like unforeseen hazards, a client’s participation in one of your regular programs, or something going wrong at your special event.

What does Personal Accident Insurance cover?

Personal Accident Insurance provides income protection and death benefits and/or as per Special Benefits Endorsements to the insured persons in the event of an accident occurring while competing in or officiating at an associated competition event, any associated training or involved in any voluntary labour, any Club / Association business including meetings, presentation nights and all organized functions, including any travel to and/or from and/or between the locations of the activities and/or events.

The following document provides a summary of cover provided under a AASA permit.

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What does a Motorsport Affiliate Package cover?

The motorsport affiliate package covers event organisers or promoters, social events, committee meetings, member meetings, online forum discussions, car shows and touring events: the sale of food, drink, merchandise and memorabilia and the like; and property owners and occupiers and any incidental activity thereto. Also covers Associations Liability for the board and/or the committee whilst acting on behalf of the car club.

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Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) contains important information from our insurance brokers, and is designed to assist you in deciding if this service is suitable for you.

Risk Management

In terms of insurance it is always important to have an Associated Risk Management Plan. The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance has excellent credentials in motor sport risk management and was the initiating participant in the Standards Australia Risk Management for Motorsport handbook.

Personal Accident and Illness Claims

Written notification and a completed claim form should be provided to HDL Insurance Brokers in the event of any incident which may give rise to a claim within 30 days of the incident occurring. HDL’s contact details can be found here.

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