An official is a volunteer who is allocated a specific task or tasks at a motorsport event to ensure that protocols and procedures are complied with.  These roles include Safety, Medical, Communications, Clerk of Course, Flag Marshalls, and so on. Please refer to the AASA Event Operations Manual for detailed descriptions of the various officials’ roles.

An official may not compete in an event at which they are acting in an official capacity, unless their duties are being fulfilled at the time by another qualified person who has been signed on as an official.

To apply for an official’s licence, please complete the form at the bottom of this page, and supply two references who should be known to AASA and can vouch for any prior experience you may have had. You will also need to supply an ID photo of yourself which shows your face clearly. We recommend that this photo comply with Australian Passport Photo Guidelines.


Flag Marshall – positioned on flag points around the circuit, responsible for communicating with competitors using flag signals.

Pit Lane Marshall – responsible for maintaining a safe environment in pit lane.

Fire/Rescue – provides vital safety services in the event of an incident.

Scrutineering – ensures vehicles meet safety standards and technical regulations.

Communication – communicates with flag, pit lane and grid marshals from race control.

Race Control – oversees the overall operation of the circuit and ensures race meetings run smoothly and safety.

Timing – ensures positions and laps for competitors are correctly scored.

Secretary – assists with administration and provides a point of communication between competitors and race control.

Please note that submission of the application form does not guarantee the issuance of an Officials Licence.

Officials Licence

To apply for an Officials Licence, please create a AASA account. Then, simply log in to the User Portal and follow the links. Officials licences are renewable every 3 years.