AASA Partners With PDA to Create Safer Drivers


Everyday road users are set to benefit from a newly-announced partnership between the Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) and Performance Driving Australia (PDA), aimed at creating safer drivers.

PDA delivers Australia-wide defensive driving and four-wheel-drive programs to government and industrial sectors, while also hosting advanced courses to allow drivers to explore the limits of their vehicles in a safe and controlled environment.

Additionally, PDA oversees operations and promotions for motorsport events and competitions including drifting, tarmac rallies and track days, some of which have been sanctioned by the AASA.

PDA Managing Director Mark Butcher said it was a logical extension of the relationship for the AASA to also provide insurance cover for PDA’s safety-based programs.

“PDA recently engaged AASA to cover some motorsport events that fell outside of our existing insurance arrangement,” Mr Butcher said.

“After several discussions, we soon realised AASA would be able to cover all our activities, providing our customers with peace of mind when engaging us to deliver training or attending motorsport events.

“The partnership allows us to foster our mutual objective of producing safer drivers. Both organisations share a common passion for motorsport and understand the importance of driving safely on public roads.”

Mr Butcher said AASA and PDA will be executing a multi-pronged strategy to enhance road safety.

“There are a couple of fundamental elements we will be employing to improve the safety of drivers who come through our programs,” he said.

“Firstly, we provide theoretical and practical education for drivers, giving them an awareness of the limitations of their vehicles and improving their knowledge on critical aspects of road driving such as hazard perception.

“Secondly, we understand some people want to drive fast or explore the limits of their vehicles, so we provide a controlled environment for them to do that without risking the lives of themselves and others on public roads.”

AASA Business Development Manager Stephen Whyte said the partnership with PDA allows the AASA to extend its safety focus from the racetrack to the road.

“The AASA has a genuine interest in reducing road trauma while encouraging people to enjoy driving at safe events; this partnership will open up more opportunities for developing safer drivers on the road,” Mr Whyte said.

“Additionally, people who participate in PDA’s defensive driver training programs might discover they really enjoy the experience of testing the limits of their vehicles under controlled conditions and we will be able to provide them with the pathways to become involved in motorsport.”

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