National Gravel Rally Licence

Entering a Gravel Rally event?

A National Gravel Rally Licence is used to compete in gravel rally events. It cannot be used to compete in tarmac rally events. Applicants must hold a current driver’s licence and provide details of previous experience. 

Navigators sit alongside drivers in rally events. The Gravel Rally Navigator Licence does not entitle the holder to drive a vehicle during gravel rally events. It cannot be used in tarmac rally events.

Types of Gravel Rally Licences

How do you apply for a Gravel Rally Licence?

It’s simple and easy to apply for any of our AASA licences. You will first need to create an account online with us to apply and renew your licences as they come up for renewal. This can be done by clicking the Portal Login button or the yellow button in the top right of this page.