Off Roading

IMPORTANT: Changes to Off Road Racing Vehicle Requirements

7.6 Each fuel tank filler including any filler cap/ neck / lines must be located within the structure of the immediate framework, chassis or safety cage and all connections must be barbed or bulbed. The filler is defined as being the means used to connect the fuel tank to the fuel filling location.

Entering a Off Road event?

There are three Off Road Licences available. Two are for national competition anf one for state competition.

A National Off Road Licence allows the competitor to participate in a AASA Sanctioned State or National Level off road racing competition on a course over various terrains, usually dirt roads.

Navigators sit alongside drivers in off road events. The National Off Road Navigator Licence does not entitle the holder to drive a vehicle during off road events. To apply for a National Off Road Navigator Licence, please complete the application form.

A State Off Road Licence allows the competitor to participate in any AASA State or Club Offroad events.

Types of Off Road Licences

How do you apply for a licence?

It’s simple and easy to apply for any of our AASA licences. You will first need to create an account online with us to apply and renew your licences as they come up for renewal. This can be done by clicking the Portal Login button or the yellow button in the top right of this page.