What is the AASA?

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance is a not for profit sanctioning and insurance provider owned by the Benalla Auto Club and operated by passionate motorsport enthusiasts. to the motorsport industry – supporting small club level, through to state and national level events.

Can any discipline of motorsport transition to AASA?

Yes, any four-wheel motorsport discipline is welcome into our sanctioning portfolio.

Can the AASA manage large volumes of competitor licencing?

Yes, our competitor licencing is instant and done online via our website. All competitor licencing is available for download.

What assistance is available for adoption of rules that would need to make a transition?

We provide new promoters and organisers with the tools and professional input to create a sustainable, workable, and lasting relationship that is beneficial for organisers and competitors alike.

Does the AASA offer other insurance options?

Yes, The AASA has other insurance options for club, associations, and licence holders. For more information contact our team at [email protected] or via phone on 03 5721 7800

How long does it take to apply and obtain a permit application?

The permit application is simple and easy to complete online via our website www.aasa.com.au .

As a general guide, turnaround times for permits are usually two weeks or less, assuming all documentation, civil and private organisation permissions are in order.

Does the AASA appoint Stewards?

Stewards will be appointed by the AASA for certain events. Most of these candidates will be from within the existing motorsport discipline’s Officials ranks.

The AASA has a policy of using club appointed Stewards (representing the AASA) at lower level events and always reserves the right for our appointees to attend events as well.

Will a Officials Licence from another sanctioning body be recognised by the AASA?

Yes, the AASA accepts Official Licences from other approved sanctioning bodies.

What Officials and roles are required by the AASA?

The Clerk of Course and Safety Officer are a requirement for your event. The Clerk of Course are in charge of the event and the Safety Office ensures the safe conduct of the event.