Advice to event promoters to comply with COVID-19 risk minimisation



The AASA is committed to assisting the motor sport community carry on their sport, but within the constraints of complying with best practice guidelines and Government directives and legislative requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The AASA sees no reason to suspend “small event” activities at this time and is in line with government policy to “go about your business” as normal, but within the constraints deemed necessary.

We have a list of recommendations to help reduce risk while conducting an event.

  • Cap your event under 500 people which should include officials, competitors, staff, media and if there is room spectators.
  • Limit human to human contact as much as possible
  • Encourage everyone to stay at least 1.5 meters away from others
  • No hand shaking or unnecessary contact between parties.
  • Constant use of hand sanitiser or frequent hand washing.
  • No sharing any equipment, helmets, drink bottles, towels, gloves, food, drinks etc.
  • Anyone who has come into contact with someone who is sick or has flu-like symptoms are not to attend any event.
  • Anyone who is in a 14-day self-isolation period are not to attend any event.
  • Avoid forming queues or groups of people.
  • Encourage everyone to limit contact with other people at the event where possible.
  • Drivers briefings should be held in the open air as a preference and with people standing well apart (not in small or dedicated briefing rooms), and only if necessary, and briefing notes should be used as a minimum.
  • Check with the venue provider to see how many people will be at the venue on the day of your event to ensure you do not breach the government enforced limit of 500 people.
  • Organisers should “space out” parking and pit arrangements, where possible.
  • Promoters can and should enquire the circumstances of persons known to have been overseas recently. We now have compulsory self- isolating periods, which intending participants must adhere to.
  • Anyone who becomes unwell during an event, with cold or flu-like symptoms, must report to the on-site medical service in the first instance. Event Stewards should be notified as to circumstances, and have the power to shut the event down, if deemed necessary.
  • Provide advice to your participants to NOT attend any motor sport event if unwell, or if there has been a risk of exposure to someone they know, who has identified as having been overseas in the past 14 days. (Compulsory self- isolation for such individuals will assist this issue, into the future).

In all circumstances, follow guidelines/decrees as issued by relevant State Health Authorities or the Federal Government.

This information in no way overrides the important information provided by our Health Authorities. The AASA and promoters expect that responsible competitors and participants understand their obligations to society in complying with all government advice and legislated requirements, in order assist to prevent the spread amongst the general community of the Civid-19 virus.

If promoters have any specific queries, are needed to seek further advice as to conduct of their event, the AASA is available to provide advice via the office on 03 5721 7800 or email at [email protected]

The AASA will issue further advice as circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 threat to the Australian community, as it evolves.

Australian Auto-Sport Alliance
03 5721 7800
[email protected]

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