Benalla Auto Club Drives Against Depression


Winton and Wakefield Park circuit owners announce official charity partner

The Benalla Auto Club’s extensive motorsport and automotive networks will be used to raise awareness for mental health, the circuit-owning organisation welcoming Drive Against Depression as an official charity partner.

Drive Against Depression (DAD) provides regular events that attract participants with a shared enthusiasm for motoring, and creates judgement-free, non-confrontational environments at those events where conversations about mental health issues are normalised.

Once participants have started discussing mental health, further support is available through a referral network, which includes access to mental health professionals.

DAD is also in the process of developing a Mental Wellness Network, which will provide information through an online portal and a structed method for accessing mental health services.

Benalla Auto Club Group CEO, Chris Lewis-Williams said Drive Against Depression’s connection with motoring enthusiasts made it an ideal charity for the BAC to support.

“Statistically, the demographics of typical motoring enthusiasts are the same demographics likely to suffer from mental illness, so an affiliation with a charity supporting this cause made a lot of sense,” Mr Lewis-Williams said.

“There is a lot of crossover between our members and the types of people being targeted by DAD, and there are many opportunities for cross-promotions between our events and their activities.

“As well as giving DAD a presence at our Winton and Wakefield Park circuits, we also have the opportunity to promote it to a wider audience, through events sanctioned by the AASA, and our national-level AMRS race meetings.”

DAD will have a prominent presence at the now-traditional end-of-year Benalla Auto Club Gala Dinner at Winton Raceway, to be held on Saturday 14 December.

“Our end-of-year dinner is always a popular occasion and an opportunity to celebrate the year’s high achievers, and it will be an ideal environment to promote DAD’s valuable work to our members and to the wider motorsport community, while also raising some funds to assist with the development of their Mental Wellness Network,” Mr Lewis-Williams said.

“DAD is an organisation run by people who share common interest in all things car-related; we applaud their activities, and we’re proud to be supporting them,” he concluded.

Tickets for the 2019 BAC Gala Dinner will go on sale in the coming months.

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