Drifting – Roll Cage Regulations

9th August 2017 – Roll Cage Regulations for Drifting events

Please refer to AASA Appendix 1 – Safety Cage Regulations. To clarify the requirements for safety cages fitted to vehicles entered in Drift events and carrying passengers in tandem sessions:

Class 1  A Class 1 structure consists of a main hoop fitted behind the front seat occupants, to which are attached rear braces and a compulsory diagonal, the upper end of which is behind the driver’s head. (Drawing SC-9). This structure may be appropriate for events with a primary risk profile of roll over incidents. Class 1 structures may permit the automobile to retain civil registration.

A Class 1a cage consists of a Class 1 structure to which side impact protection is added to the standard rollover structure. This may be of benefit where side impact is of concern, such as drift battles or restricted Tarmac Rally events.

Vehicles fitted with a Class 1 safety cage and with standard, factory fitted (ADR approved) doors will be permitted to participate in tandem sessions.

Vehicles in which there is no side intrusion prevention present in the vehicle’s doors will require side intrusion bars to be fitted as part of the rollover protection system, to meet the requirements of a Class 1a safety cage for tandem drifting.

Vehicles that do not meet the above requirements are still permitted to enter drift events, but will not be able to participate in any tandem events.

AASA values the safety of all competitors in our events, and continually revises their requirements to meet best standards. If you have any questions regarding the level of safety cage required for your vehicle, please contact AASA on 03 5721 7800.


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