Press Release 28-7-23

With the continued growth and success of the Hyper Racer Victorian race series, Hyper Racer and the AASA are excited to announce that the previous Victorian Formula Race Series, run under the VMRC, has been renamed the Hyper Racer Australian Championship and will now be a one-make series.

This name change reflects the fact that Hyper Racer has expanded its owner base into NSW and SA.

With 14 cars on grid by the end of this year and 20 plus cars in 2024, Hyper Racer will be the largest ‘one make’ open wheeler category in Australia.

Hyper Racer has worked with AASA over a long period of time and its that great mutual arrangement that has seen this relationship flourish.

Benalla Auto Club General Manager, Stephen Whyte, said “I’m proud to say that very early on when the Hyper Racer X1 was in its infancy, I was lucky enough to see one of its first test days at Winton Motor Raceway. To say I was blown away by its build quality and affordability is an understatement. The work that Jon and Dean Crooke have produced is world class and we can see that as the cars have now started to develop a real footprint in open wheel Motorsport. To now see the category stand on its own is a very privileged moment for AASA and the entire team that deliver the VMRC.

Hyper Racer X1 – 500bhp/ton – Mind Warping Grip
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