Jeremy Hodges Memorial Cup #111

Jeremy Hodges Memorial Cup #111

What an amazing day at the track, The Jeremy Hodges Memorial Cup has been run and won.


The excels did a lap of honour around Sydney Motorsport Park with Gary Hodges leading in Jeremy’s car. In a heartfelt moment, some of Jeremy’s ashes were spread on the main straight of the track with family and friends gathered to watch a wonderful day of racing.

Congratulations to the Trophy Round winners of the Jeremy Hodges Memorial Cup on Saturday, Monique Sciberras and Wil Longmore ahead of Caleb Hefren and Dean Alessi with Thomas Macleod and Bailey Sweeny in third place.

There are so many people to thank…

All of Jeremy’s mates and racing buddies that made the effort to come back and race.

Ben and Hayden Crossland, Lachlan Ward, Bailey Sweeney, Josh Haynes, Preston Breust and Wil Longmore. It was an emotional day for them all and a beautiful tribute to have them all together back on track.

Riccardo Benvenuti provided us with a fantastic image of Jeremy racing at Bathurst, and then Peter Gardiner matched it with some amazing graphics and had it printed for Gary and Kerry to keep with all the drivers signing the photo.

The Series X3 NSW committee passes on our deepest condolences to the Hodges family and we hope that we’ve honoured Jeremy by holding our first annual Memorial cup.

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