Motor Events Racing is back for 2021


The wait is over! You can dust of the race suit, bleach your underwear and
fill up the fuel tank.
The time has come to lock in event dates and load up your car ready to hit the track!

Motor Events Racing brings the adventure back into endurance events at a low cost.

Now, go gather your friends and family. This is where tall stories shall be made, and the cream will rise. The smell of oil and sweat will linger long after your car is home, and the stories told. You will see champions rise from unexpected places, while old titans may fall from grace. There will be many tales of fortune, maybe some woe, but all from a hard-fought race. As we the sun sets, we hear the young cry “Let us do one more lap!”

Motor Events Racing is all about team-based endurance events in budget cars.
Choose the car of your childhood dreams, with a minimum Redbook value of $5K or less.
Grab some mates and some safety gear and you are ready to hit the track.

With over 10 events planned nationally for 2021 there is heaps of opportunity to get your team out on the track. With legendary tracks like Winton, The Bend, Calder Park and Morgan Park, just to name a few, all your track time dreams will come true.

Event formats vary in type from one day (7+ hours), two days (14+ hours)
and three days (20+ hours).

There are no 20-minute sprints at these events.
It’s all about getting out on the track and driving nonstop until the sun goes down
(or we pull you off the track!).

So long story short is there is huge amounts of track time and there’s a chance for every team member to have their moment on the track.

These events are focused on the fun and social aspects, that will keep you guessing as you will never know what will happen next.
With team penalties for driver indiscretion on track, to fun and games off track, it’s all about having FUN!
Our awards and sponsored prizes make it so anyone of any skill level has a chance of taking home some boasting rights.

If you have ever wanted to get into motorsport but thought it was just too expensive or too serious these events are for you.

Motor Events Racing is proudly sponsored by Bob Jane T-Marts
and Raceline Motorsport Racewear.

Motor Events Racing is COMMITTED to raising funds to support Rare Cancers Australia, a charity that does amazing work for people in tremendously difficult situations. We will help others who are not as fortunate as those of us who are out enjoying a day on the track.

Motor Events Racing…. Not that serious and a hell of a lot of fun!
To find out more and join in the fun.

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