New AASA Media Accreditation requirements

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance Pty Ltd (AASA) has made recent change to its Media Policy.

The AASA now requires all media to hold AASA Media Accreditation at AASA sanctioned events.

Accreditation can be applied for at any time throughout the year and is offered in two formats.

Media personnel will have the option of applying for an Annual Licence or a Single Event Media Accreditation Licence.

The process to apply for a licence has not changed with the application form available online.

Single Event Media Accreditation must be applied for prior to the commencement of an event.

Media Accreditation ensures that holders get access to all the insurance benefits which an AASA permit provides.

The online application forms can be found by visiting

Any queries regarding the new changes, please contact Caitlin Sartori in the AASA office on (03) 5721 7800.

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