Professional Instructors Throw Support Behind AASA Driver Trainer Licence


Two established professional circuit driving instructors have thrown their support behind one of AASA’s latest products, the Driver Trainer Licence.

Introduced in late 2019, the AASA Driver Trainer Licence covers instructors for public and participant liability, as well as professional indemnity, when they are working at approved venues or racing circuits.

The product is the first of its type on the market, and according to experienced racing driver and renowned professional instructor Barton Mawer, it has already been well-received within the industry.

“The AASA Driver Trainer Licence is the exact product I’ve been looking for – it’s affordable, and hassle-free,” Mawer said.

“Typically, driving instructors do all different sorts of work, including corporate drive days, training on behalf of manufacturers or race driver education, and we’re often asked what sort of cover we have in terms of public liability or professional indemnity. The AASA product is perfect, because it offers multiple levels of cover.

“It gives us peace of mind that we’re protected if something goes wrong, but it also provides a level of credibility within the industry – the AASA have certain standards that must be met before they’ll issue a licence.”

Josh Buchan, another driver trainer, also recognises the benefits of the AASA Driver Trainer Licence.

“Being a driver trainer for activities on race circuits exposes us to a level of risk, particularly when we’re sitting in the passenger’s seat, next to someone with limited experience on a circuit,” Buchan said.

“Incidents involving instructors are not unheard of, as we saw with Sean Edwards (who was tragically killed in a crash in 2013).

“The AASA licence provides a level of security not just for the driver trainer, but for the person actually driving the car to know they are also protected if something goes wrong.

“From an employer’s perspective, it’s attractive and beneficial for them if we can bring our own insurance cover to the table.”

Buchan said the AASA Driver Trainer Licence has already received widespread approval from the wider motorsport community.

“Considering the affordability and the benefits of this licence, more and more instructors will purchase it, and I think it will soon become recognised as a standard within the industry,” he said.

To be eligible for a AASA Driver Trainer Licence, applicants must be able to demonstrate current driver training experience with references from employers, and must also hold a national-level competition licence. Driver trainers with Certificate IV driver training qualifications can obtain a Gold Licence, which is available at a discounted rate.

Interested driver trainers can apply for a AASA Driver Trainer Licence via the AASA website.

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